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Lisa Buchan is the Founder of Prato Consulting (and its imprint Prato Publishing), a company dedicated to supporting book people on the journey to a new era. If you have innovative new global services for publishers, agents or writers, Lisa wants to know!

Why Writers Need Publishers… Or Do They?

During a recent conference I attended on Publishing Futures, the discussion touched on the global political views of the “abolish copyright” movement. This political lobby group asserts that copyright and the publishers battling to uphold it are getting in the … Continue reading

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The Amazon Empire Strikes Back

The Amazon Empire may swallow the entire publishing ecosystem in a series of gulps.  It started by squeezing distributors (IPG is the most recent in a string over the last few years), and it has created a large and rapidly … Continue reading

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The Publishing Ecosystem – Rogues and Benefactors

The community surrounding most publishers consists of an orbiting constellation of writers, translators, illustrators, publicists, agents, reviewers and other influential folk who all depend on the success of the publisher they surround. Publishers are a natural hub in their ecosystem, … Continue reading

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The Future of Literary Agents. Really?

It is a confusing time to be working in the publishing industry. Commentators are telling people they should forget what they know about publishing, and adapt to a digital future.  As regular readers will know, I love to find the … Continue reading

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Darwinian Evolution at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair days are the best of days, and also the worst of days. Within several huge halls are assembled a good segment of the global publishing community, and if you stand above the hubbub and watch carefully, you … Continue reading

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Old Wisdom for the New Digital

Penguin was a small start-up publisher, which became an instant success in the publishing world. If we look at the reasons they were so successful, we can see they adopted many new concepts that added up to an explosive package. … Continue reading

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Lessons from an older format revolution

For many of us, the wave of digital change driven by e-books causes turmoil. “How can I succeed in this new world when I am a literary person, not a technology person?” “Should I acquire, market or distribute e-books in … Continue reading

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